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(Pocket-lint) - We were first invited to a UK-specific Oppo event in London in December 2018 - but now the company has confirmed that it will officially launch into the UK.

The UK is becoming something of a battleground for Chinese manufacturers. We saw the launch of Xiaomi in 2018 and Oppo is another huge manufacturer to make it to these shores. They promise to bring with them the latest tech at prices that undercut the established brands like Samsung and Apple.

The launch invite features the circular graphic of Oppo's faster-than-fast Super VOOC charging as well as the radiant mist gradient colour scheme seen on the RX17 Pro. 

We've recently seen the launch of the Oppo Find X slider phone as well as the RX17 Pro. Both handsets are destined for Europe and British journalists were invited to the launch events in China - we suspect that the RX17 will be the launch device for the UK.

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The RX17 Pro is very similar to the recently-announced OnePlus 6T, complete with in-display fingerprint reader and triple camera, and that's no surprise - both companies are owned by BBK Electronics and generally there's a big cross-over in the technologies used by the two brands.

We'll be at the event on 29 January to bring you a full line-up of Oppo's plans, launch devices and, importantly, how much they are going to cost.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Originally published on 19 December 2018.