Could there be a new name entering the foldable phone battle royale?

Oppo, the Chinese handset maker, may be next up to unveil its own version of the much-hyped new style of phone. While on a tour of the company’s headquarters, Oppo product manager Chuck Wang told AndroidWorld and other outlets the following: “We know Samsung and Sony are working on a foldable phone, you can also expect more news from Oppo on that topic, maybe at MWC."

What does Wang mean? It's left up to interpretation. Here's what we do know: Oppo has patented designs for foldable phones, but simply because it hold patents does not mean it'll announce a foldable phone in February at Mobile World Conference, although Wang’s comments seem to suggest otherwise. Tweakers said Oppo will reveal a foldable phone, based on Wang’s comments.

Oppo will be entering the space with plenty of competition. With Google’s announcement that Android supports the new display, pretty much any phone maker that uses Android could be working on a foldable. We also already know Samsung is prepping its foldable phone, which is thought to launch in March, and Huawei is reportedly planning to beat Samsung to market with its device.

Other companies have also already teased prototypes, so regardless, it’s looking like we will have no shortage of foldable phone options.