The Oppo N1 Android smartphone will be coming out of China for the rest of the world to buy from 10 December. The 5.9-inch smartphone will be priced at €449 (£372) and come with a Full HD display, touch-sensitive back, and 13-megapixel camera on an adjustable hinge. That’s right, 13-megapixel selfies.

The handset is already on sale in China and will now reach the US and Europe. The release announcement was spotted as a Google+ update.

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Oppo says the N1 camera is created from 67 different components making it the first Android smartphone to feature a six-piece lens.

The 9mm thick smartphone also features a touch-sensitive back, allowing for ease of use in spite of its 5.9-inch heft. This is dubbed O-Touch. In our hands-on with the N1 we found ourselves accidentally making selections using the rear touch panel, but it admittedly has potential.

The camera, which uses the same Exmore RS sensor as the Sony Xperia Z, rotates 206-degrees for front-facing selfies at 13-megapixels or normal outward shots. The 2GB RAM, Snapdragon S600 processor, 3160mAh battery and NFC make it an all-round strong handset.