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(Pocket-lint) - A couple of recent leaks suggest OnePlus is due to launch a new almost-flagship phone in the near future, with rumours suggesting we're going to see a new model called 'OnePlus Ace'. 

'Ace' being a name Oppo - its parent company - has used before, it's not entirely surprising to see it. What's unclear is whether or not the 'Ace' naming is merely a code-name used internally or whether it'll be a name used in different regions. 

The confusion stems from the fact that all the recent rumours are suggesting this phone will be a rebranded Realme GT Neo 3, with 150W fast-charging and the Mediatek Dimensity 8100 processor. 

These are the exact specs and rumours originally expected for an unannounced OnePlus 10R in India, which is expected to be launched at an event on 28 April

However, in a Weibo post by Digital Chat Station, the phone is referred to as 'OnePlus Ace'. This naming is used again by a different leaker account called @WhyLab, which posted a picture of the phone in question in protective casing that hides its design, but hooked up to a 150W charger. 

@whylabWill leaked OnePlus 10R photo 2

Given the fact that the Dimensity 8100 is being compared favourably to the Snapdragon 888 processor in benchmark tests, it would make sense for it to appear in a slightly less powerful model in its flagship range. 

OnePlus has previously launched 'R' models of smartphones in India, and it would make sense for there to be a 10R in India.

However, with there not being a regular 'OnePlus 10' yet in Europe or North America, there is a space left in the market for a slightly less powerful OnePlus phone that sits somewhere between the mid-range Nord or top-tier flagship. Is this where we could see an 'Ace' model launched? 

The aforementioned 150W charging was announced by OnePlus officially during MWC this year, with the company saying that it will be launching on a device at some point in Q2 2022. This during a Europe-focused tech conference. 

What that means is we're expecting a phone with 150W charging to launch in the next couple of months. Whether it's called OnePlus Ace, OnePlus 10R or something else entirely is yet to be seen. 

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Writing by Cam Bunton.