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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus launched a new range of affordable mid-range devices in 2020 and gave them all the 'Nord' moniker to signal the separation from the premium flagship family. 

One of those devices was the Nord N10; a device that sat below the standard OnePlus Nord in terms of price, performance and build quality. And despite only launching in the second half of last year, it looks like it's close to getting a sequel already. 

Signs - in form of certification on a couple of different databases - suggest that a successor to the Nord N10 is launching soon. Both India's BIS and Singapore's IMDA have surfaced a device code-named 'Ebba' in recent weeks, which is expected to be the N10's next evolution. 

The information comes via @stufflistings on Twitter, a frequent leaker of device details, who expects the phone to launch in Asia very soon. 

Just how imminently this launch takes place is impossible to guess, since OnePlus hasn't given any official indication that it's happening yet. 

With the company having launched the OnePlus 9 series in March, and still pushing those phones hard in its marketing, it would make sense to give a little space between that top tier range launching and the arrival of a new mid-ranger. 

As for other markets, nothing is known yet. There was a real sense when the N10 and N100 launched in 2020 that those were devices primarily focused on the Indian/southern Asia market, although they did land on western shores too. 

The fact the next device has shown up on certification sites for India and Singapore suggests the same will likely be true of the next device.

Still, file this under 'rumour' for now until we see any more concrete evidence of the N10 mk2's existence. If launch is soon, we'll likely start to see more firm leaks and images appearing by the bucket load. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.