(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has announced that its next flagship - the OnePlus 8T - will have a new glossy finish on the Aquamarine Green model that repels fingerprints, but in doing so, has confirmed early design leaks were pretty accurate. 

While waxing lyrical about how its new glossy texture has been developed over four months to produce a glossy surface, but with an almost frost-like appearance underneath, OnePlus has shown that leaked images of a new camera housing design were bang on the money. 

For a few years, OnePlus has been keen to point out that its camera housing is right down the centre and virtually symmetrical, giving a balance to the appearance of the rear of the phone. But with the Nord, and now the 8T, that's changing. 

From the image shared in its reveal post, there's quite a large Samsung and Huawei-like rectangular protrusion in the top left corner of the phone. And it seems to feature four camera lenses and two other round elements that look like LED flashes. 

As for the glass finish, OnePlus says it contains seven individual layers put together to give it the "unique" green/blue shade as well as a glossy finish that's designed to resist fingerprints. 

It also says it's built in a way that diffuses and refracts light to create this shiny, non-smudged appearance that's clean. 

In the announcement, OnePlus says this finish is available on the Aquamarine Green model and doesn't mention any other finishes. That could mean whatever other colours it goes for - whether that be black, grey or blue - they likely won't feature the same finish. 

All details, as well as price and other specs we don't find out beforehand, will be announced at the launch event on 14 October

Writing by Cam Bunton.