(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has confirmed that it will use a faster version of its Warp Charge technology in the next phone. That's to say, the OnePlus 8T will have a 65W Warp Charge adapter in the box. 

The company confirmed the news in a press release and states that Warp Charge 65 will be able to fully charge the 4,500mAh battery in the OnePlus 8T in 39 minutes. 

A lot of the speed delivered by these fast chargers is achieved in the first 0-70 per cent of the charge, meaning that with the OnePlus 8T it will no longer be a case of 'a day's power in half an hour' but 'a day's power in 15 minutes'.

Specifically, OnePlus says you'll get from 0-58 per cent within 15 minutes of being plugged in with an battery empty. That's about twice as fast as the Warp Charge 30 offered with the OnePlus 8

Given the link between OnePlus and Oppo - and how Warp Charge and Oppo's VOOC Charge has long been the same technology - it's safe to say that this 65W charger is very similar to the 65W Super VOOC charging used in the Oppo Find X2 Pro.

To achieve these speeds, the company uses a battery that's made up of two individual cells, or rather, it's two smaller 2,250 batteries joined to make up the total 4,500mAh capacity. 

With that configuration, OnePlus says each battery can charge at 30W speeds simultaneously while the design of the adapter and cable ensures it doesn't overheat while topping up.

It has also built-in 12 temperature sensors in the phone itself to monitor temps as it charges, and adapts speeds if there's a danger of overheating. 

Perhaps just as interesting as all of that is the fact that OnePlus says its own Warp Charge 65W adapter will also support the universal Power Delivery fast charging standard up to 45W. That means you'll be able to charge your laptop, or other devices off it quickly too. 

A lot of these features are similar to those announced by Oppo in its groundbreaking 125W flash charge adapter which is yet to make its way to an officially available product. 

The OnePlus 8T is going to be unveiled on 14 October, and you can read everything we know about it so far in our dedicated feature

Writing by Cam Bunton.