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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has been going overboard to hype the OnePlus Nord. It's soon going to launch a new handset, returning to the more affordable spectrum and has gone as far as making a series of videos about this new phone, if you're interested.

But what's really escaped so far is detail of the design. We've had confirmations about some of the hardware, heavy hints about the price - but now we have an actual image of the phone, thanks to OnePlus' page on Amazon India.

That reveals that the handset looks a lot like the very first leaked images of this phone.

OnePlus has been careful to make sure that the camera array is obscured, so although you can see it's positioning to the left of the rear - rather than down the centre like recent OnePlus 8 series devices - you can't actually see how many lenses it offers.

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We even tried adjusting the levels in the image to see what was hiding in the shadows and it turns out it's a big whole bunch of nothing.

Of course, OnePlus could be up to its old tricks and teasing us again, but with limited pre-orders now happening and a launch imminent, it feels like it's time for the games to stop and the reveal of the phone to happen.

You'll have to wait until 10 July to get a proper look at this phone, with India looking like it gets a front row seat for the unveiling.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 3 July 2020.