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(Pocket-lint) - While the tech world's attention was pointing directly at Apple on Monday, OnePlus was busy teasing its own next move, and given the content in the tweets, it seems this is more than just a single phone launch. 

UPDATE: Following on from the cryptic teasers below, OnePlus has officially announced that it will be bringing a new series of smartphones to the market soon and even launched a new Instagram profile dedicated to the new series. 

In the announcement, Pete Lau reiterates something he's stated before: OnePlus is going back to making more affordable phones, stating that the company knows "people want a really solid smartphone that meets their everyday needs..." and a "more accessible price". 

These new phones will launch in Europe and India to begin with, and the new product line will seemingly only be available in limited numbers to begin with. 

Like when OnePlus first launched, this new series is starting small and growing as its popularity increases. 

This series launch started with a tweet from co-founder Pete Lau, who tweeted the image of OnePlus' logo with a cool blue colour, rather than the usual red on white, or red and black. 

With the caption "who's ready for something new from OnePlus?" and the hashtag #NewBeginnings, it's clear something more than just a new phone is coming. 

Pete Lau himself stated during a recent interview that the company was looking at making more affordable phones again in the near future, and that OnePlus was going to start becoming more of an ecosystem of devices.

It's no longer just smartphones, it's all manner of smarthome products that inter-connect and talk to each other seamlessly. That move arguably started with the launch of a smart TV back in 2019

Recently, the company also filed for a trademark for 'Nord by OnePlus' for products fitting into many categories, including smartphones, TVs and smart home products. 

In fact, it's rumoured that the first product to launch under the 'Nord' banner will be the long-rumoured OnePlus 8 Lite or OnePlus Z. Rumours suggest it might end up being the 'Nord by OnePlus' phone, which is a little unusual name-wise, but it would make sense for the first Nord device from the disruptive smartphone company to be another smartphone. 

The name has something of a Scandinavian vibe to it, which is where we believe the sneaky teaser photo below (since deleted) fits in. It appears to show a new team, many of which wearing the same tee-shirt of a certain famous Swedish dance music producer. 

OnePlus teases new beginnings could it be Nord by OnePlus image 2

This Scandinavian focus also fits in with the fact that the company recently moved the majority of its EU operations to Helsinki, following a few years of basing itself in London. 

Adding all these probably-connected pieces together, and you see what appears to be a move to capture more consumers in Scandinavia. 

Exactly what it means in terms of products and branding is yet to be seen. OnePlus hasn't released any official news on the matter, and it is just like the company to tease in advance of anything being unveiled officially. 

Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 23 June 2020.