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(Pocket-lint) - The latest speculation surrounding OnePlus is that the company is planning to launch its next series of phones at some point around the end of March or beginning of April. 

Given that the OnePlus 7T launched earlier than expected in 2019, it's not exactly surprising that the OnePlus 8 could arrive a month or so sooner than is usual for the OnePlus spring release. 


As mentioned, when the 7T and 7T Pro models launched when they did in early autumn 2019, it was a surprise to many. Especially given that the 7 and 7 Pro had only been released four or five months previous.

If the March/April timeline is accurate for OnePlus 8, it could just mean that the 7T series signalled a general shift in release schedule for the manufacturer. 

The other rumour to come along with this information is that OnePlus might launch a green model, departing (or perhaps adding) to the black and blue scheme of its current phones. 

Nothing's official yet of course, and with coronavirus impacting manufacturing capabilities and product launches for many companies, there's still the possibility that OnePlus' launch plans will be delayed. 

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The phone range itself is said to include three models this year, including Lite and Pro models alongside the regular version, with the high end 8 Pro already confirmed to feature a 120Hz display

Whatever the exact plans, it won't be long until OnePlus announces the new devices. We'll bring you more as it develops. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.