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(Pocket-lint) - A recent rumour suggests OnePlus may finally jump on the wireless charging bandwagon, and offer the technology in one its next smartphones. 

If a teaser tweet from a leaker holds any truth, it may be that the OnePlus 8 Pro will feature a wireless charging technology, making it the company's first phone to support it. 


In previous years, when asked about wireless charging, the company line has always been that it's a slow and inferior charging method to its own fast-charging wired solution. 

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Perhaps two or three years ago, that was entirely true. OnePlus' Warp Charge (formerly Dash Charge) could get you around 70 per cent full from zero in 30 minutes. Wireless charging at the time was a lot slower. 

In 2020, that's not as true. Chinese companies have been developing fast wireless technology, and OnePlus' access to the tech my lay within its sister company. 

Oppo - a sibling of OnePlus - unveiled its own super fast charging wireless technology back in September 2019

This 30W wireless VOOC charging - as the brand calls it - offers the same power as the 30W Warp Charge currently offered by OnePlus through the traditional method of plugging a smartphone into a power outlet using a cable. 

When OnePlus first started using its own fast-charging technology - at the time called Dash Charge - it was using a technology identical to Oppo's VOOC flash charging technology, so it wouldn't be unusual for OnePlus to use its siblings wireless tech. 

Similarly, OnePlus phones regularly have similar internal and external hardware of its sister company. 

It's yet to be seen if OnePlus actually will adopt wireless charging. It's one of only a couple of features that separate its phones from the big name flagships made by Samsung, Huawei and Apple

OnePlus is widely expected to launch its new phones at some point this Spring as part of its usual early-year release cycle. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.