(Pocket-lint) - A set of specifications has leaked, indicating what we might expect to see powering the upcoming OnePlus 7 series. Both the Pro and the regular models are listed and there is one tiny surprise. 

This surprise, perhaps is the one thing that might throw into doubt the validity of the leak, because on first impressions, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense: the smaller phone - with the lower resolution screen - will have the bigger battery. 

In the specifications listed above, you'll notice the OnePlus 7 has 4,150mAh battery, while the 7 Pro has just 4,000mAh.

It is worth noting that 4,000mAh is actually a good amount of capacity. There are plenty of smartphones out there with similar, or even less, than that. For instance, the Galaxy S10+ has 4,100mAh and the Pixel 3 XL has 3,430mAh. In other words, it's fine.

With that said, the OnePlus 7 Pro has already been confirmed to have a sharper screen with a faster refresh rate than the regular model, and that surely will mean it consumes more power. So surely, the Pro is the one which should have the higher capacity cell?

If the leaks are genuine, perhaps the angle here will be that the 7 Pro is your all-singing, all-dancing ultra-smooth ultra-fast powerful flagship (that will go all day), while the regular will still be very fast and powerful, but will last you much longer. Of course, this is all speculation for now. 

All of the other specs run in line with what we've been expecting to see. There's a Snapdragon 855 processor in both, 8GB or 10GB of RAM depending on which phone you get, as well as the 30W fast-charging tech we first saw in the McLaren Edition OnePlus 6T

Other differences include the display and front camera design; namely the Pro model will have the pop-up camera to ensure that big 6.64-inch display on the front has no notch.

Then there's the triple camera system on the back, which this time is said to include both a zoom lens and an ultra-wide. If accurate, this could mean a move away from have a secondary camera just for depth and added information. 

As always, nothing is official until OnePlus says so, but you can catch up with all the latest news and speculation has it happens in our dedicated OnePlus 7 feature

Writing by Cam Bunton.