(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau has confirmed in an interview with The Verge, that the Pro model of its upcoming OnePlus 7 will have a much smoother, crisper display than any of its predecessors. 

Lau didn't confirm any specifications of the display, but did say that he was "stunned" by it the first time he saw it in action, also describing it as "very very crisp". 

This confirms something of a shift in approach from one of the most successful disruptive brands on the market. Usually, OnePlus launches one phone at a time, and for the past few years it's had a spec bump every six months. You get the flagship offering, and that's that. 

For 2019, the strategy has shifted, and the company is going to launch a more powerful "Pro" model of its phone, which itself looks like it will have both 4G and 5G variants. 

A previous leak suggests that the OnePlus 7 Pro will feature a 90Hz panel, and that would certainly lead to much faster refresh rates, and a far smoother image. 

So far, in the smartphone world, there aren't many other devices out there with faster refresh rates than that. In fact, those that have are predominantly marketed as "gaming phones". 

These include the likes of the Razer Phones with their 120Hz displays and the Asus ROG phone, which has a 90Hz panel. 

In the tablet market, Apple has used a fast refresh rate in its iPad Pro lineup for a few years now, designed predominantly to offer ultra-smooth and responsive reaction to the touchscreen, particularly when using the Pencil. 

It will be interesting to see which angle OnePlus takes on this smoother display. Of course it allows for much smoother and more fluid animation in general, which could ease any concerns of "jelly scrolling" in the user interface (where the animation on screen takes a split second to catch up with a change in direction), or it could push hard on the gaming performance. 

Regardless of how it highlights the technology, the fact is that it costs a lot more to produce than the standard 60Hz displays. In fact, it costs three times as much money to produce, which in turn means a more expensive phone. We can likely expect the 5G model to be even more expensive again. 

Still, for those OnePlus fans who have to have the best, most powerful and highest-specced phone out there, the Pro phone with its 90Hz screen will surely be a hit. Now let's hope that talk of "crisp" also means a bump up in resolution too. 

The company is expected to announce its new flagship phones very soon, so stay tuned. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.