(Pocket-lint) - We've seen the first big devices of 2019 launch, as the initial wave hit at Mobile World Congress. Now we've got the chance to cast our eyes over the forthcoming OnePlus 7, thanks to renders appearing online.

Before we get started, we know that OnePlus is preparing to launch its next device(s). That might be called the OnePlus 7, but the company may still choose another name. We also know that we'll be getting the OnePlus 5G handset at the same time - that much was confirmed to us by OnePlus directly. 

What we've not had so far is much to go on when it comes to design. Now, thanks to Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka @OnLeaks, we now have renders of the next OnePlus phone.


Hemmerstoffer's track record with leaks is pretty strong, but it's not just the source that makes us think these designs are legitimate.

At Mobile World Congress 2019 OnePlus showed off the OnePlus 5G and confirmed to us that the differences between the 5G and 4G handsets would be negligible. While OnePlus' demo of the 5G handset revealed nothing of the design, it was back-to-back on the Qualcomm stand with Oppo.

Lo and behold, the OnePlus renders here look just like the Oppo 5G phone. Given the track record of these companies, we'd imagine that the overall design is pretty much the same. That's been the case for OnePlus and Oppo devices going back over several generations.

So that triple rear camera layout and positioning looks identical - although Oppo is likely to use the 10x zoom system that we previewed recently - and we suspect that OnePlus will change this camera to a different lens, probably wide angle.

Elsewhere, the biggest point of comment is the pop-up front camera. We've not seen this before from OnePlus, but we have seen it from Vivo - another company that sits in the BBK Electronics group like Oppo and OnePlus. While this is a little more sketchy, the Oppo 5G phone has the notch area hidden by the case it was displayed in, but the first image that OnePlus put out of the 5G phone showed a small water-drop style notch - we we're not yet 100 per cent convinced on this point.

But overall, this could legitimately be the design of the next OnePlus phone and while some of the details are still unknown - apart from running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 with the 5G model getting the X50 modem - we're expecting to see this phone launch around April or May 2019.

Writing by Chris Hall.