OnePlus traditionally announces two flagship devices every year - a standard model in the first half, followed by a "T" model in the second half.

The OnePlus 6T was announced in October 2018, but there are numerous rumours surrounding the OnePlus 7, due around May 2019. Here is everything we have heard so far.

OnePlus 7 release date and price

  • May or June 2019

The OnePlus 6 was announced on 21 May 2018, while the OnePlus 5 was announced on 11 June 2017, making it a little harder to predict an exact date for the OnePlus 7 as there isn't a traditional month like Apple's iPhone. We'd expect the OnePlus 7 to arrive sometime between the middle of May and the middle of June 2019 though.

separate line of OnePlus devices is also rumoured to be launching to complement the flagship OnePlus range. It is expected that this line of devices will feature the company's 5G phone and it will arrive at the same time as the OnePlus 7. 

In terms of pricing for the OnePlus 7, we don't expect to see it cheaper than the OnePlus 6T which starts at £499.

Design and display

  • Edge to edge display?
  • Premium build quality
  • In display fingerprint sensor likely

Concept designer Ben Geskin posted some renders of what he expects the OnePlus 7 to look like on his Twitter account @VenyaGeskin1. The images show a device with an edge-to-edge display and a small hole at the top within the display for the camera, similar to what the Samsung Galaxy S10 features, though the Galaxy S10 has it in the top right corner rather than in the centre.

@VenyaGeskin1If the OnePlus 7 looks this good where do we sign up image 1

Geskin didn't produce a concept of the rear of the device but we'd expect premium materials like the OnePlus 6T, likely a glass back and hopefully wireless charging, though a CNET interview with CEO Pete Lau suggests wireless charging will be unlikely. We're also hoping for proper water resistance with an actual IP rating though - something the OnePlus handsets have yet to offer.

If OnePlus doesn't opt for the hole punch route, it could have a slide up section like the Honor Magic 2 and the Oppo Find X. Oppo is made by the same parent company as OnePlus so it wouldn't be completely unreasonable for OnePlus to go down this path instead and more recent rumours suggest this might well be the case.

@VenyaGeskin1OnePlus 7 leaked with slider camera no notch image 1

A leaked image on Slashleaks presents an unannounced handset alongside the OnePlus 6T, showing a full display with no hole punch at the top. This image was then followed up by some more renders from Ben Geskin showing a OnePlus device with no notch and a slide up camera

There have also been some renders from @OnLeaks, showing just a pop up camera rather than a full sliding mechanism. A case leak also suggests a pop up camera and a hands on image of what is apparently the OnePlus 7 in the wild shows a pop up camera too, further supporting this design.

The OnLeaks renders show a triple camera on the back, a full uninterrupted display on the front and a pop up selfie camera.

PriceBabaWhy we think these OnePlus 7 renders look legitimate image 3

Another leak meanwhile - or perhaps controlled leak - appears to show an unseen device being discussed in a OnePlus briefing, this time focusing on the rear cameras. The rear of the device seems to have a round area, we guess for the camera, and it looks a lot like recent Moto designs.

That would certainly be a way of housing more cameras - but it's hardly a sleek design and doesn't really look like something that OnePlus would do.

@IshanAgarwal24 (Twitter)Oneplus 7 Release Date Rumours Features And News image 2

In other news, the OnePlus 6T has a fingerprint sensor built into the display so we'd expect the same for the OnePlus 7. We'd also expect a similar size display to the OnePlus 6T, so around 6.4-inches, possibly larger and an OLED panel is likely too.

What will the hardware specs be for the OnePlus 7?

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 likely
  • 6/8GB of RAM?
  • Battery capacity at least 3700mAh expected

OnePlus originally marketed its smartphones as flagship killers. Since the original model, the company has used the same hardware as flagship smartphones from the likes of Samsung and Sony, but for almost half the price.

It is therefore pretty much a given that the OnePlus 7 will come with the latest Qualcomm chipset - the Snapdragon 855 - supported by plenty of RAM. The OnePlus 6T has 6GB and 8GB RAM options with 128GB and 256GB storage models so we'd expect at least that for the OnePlus 7.

The OnePlus 7 isn't likely to offer microSD, as much as we would like it to, as none of the previous OnePlus models do. It is likely to come with a decent battery capacity though - probably around the 3700mAh like the OnePlus 6T, possibly larger.

It was originally thought that the OnePlus 7 would be 5G enabled, after OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei said at a mobile data summit the company would be one of the first, if not the first manufacturer to come to market with a 5G phone.

It has since been claimed however that we might actually see a separate line of OnePlus devices this year and this will be the line of devices that offers the first 5G device. We saw a prototype of that device at Mobile World Congress, and it's expected the company's 5G device will launch at the same time as the OnePlus 7.

OnePlus 7 camera

  • Hopefully improvements

The camera is the area where OnePlus devices probably fall down the most compared to their more expensive rivals. Samsung and Huawei both offer excellent camera results and though OnePlus makes a good effort, it isn't on par with them despite coming on leaps and bounds since the original model.

The leak of an unseen prototype in what appears to be an internal OnePlus briefing could suggest that OnePlus is going to put more cameras on the back of the phone, but there's very little to go on and we're not totally convinced it's a genuine device.

We will be updating this feature regularly as more rumours and speculation surrounding the OnePlus 7 appear so keep checking back.