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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus announced, during a network symposium in October, that it would be one of the first manufacturers to launch a 5G phone. And that led to many, us included, to presume it was talking about the OnePlus 7.

The clues made sense. The first 5G phones will be available first half of 2019 and the OnePlus 7 is expected around May time, so that matched. In addition, OnePlus only makes two phones a year, so surely the next would be the 7?


However, it seems we could all be wrong. A OnePlus spokesperson told CNET Spain that it is actually planning an entirely new line of devices, to complement rather than replace the existing OnePlus conventional and T refreshes. It is that line which will spawn the first 5G handset.

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What's more, the spokesperson revealed the phone will be launched early 2019 - not just in the first half.

That changes matters, as it places the launch more around Mobile World Congress in February than the usual first OnePlus launch slot of the year in May or June.

So, the first OnePlus 5G will be something new, although we don't yet have a name - not even a codename. And we wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be a mid-ranger rather than flagship handset, keeping the cost down to counteract the 5G tech.

Writing by Rik Henderson.