(Pocket-lint) - The link between Oppo launches and OnePlus launches is now pretty well established, with OnePlus often having its own take on Oppo's devices, but not always launching in China first - unlike Oppo. 

So when an alleged retail box appears on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo, it's the Oppo R17-alike outline of the incoming OnePlus 6T that catches our eye. 

For those in Europe and the US, talk of the Oppo R17 has been light, but this device has already had a full reveal in China. You can find it - and its unique water-drop notch - in all its glory on the Oppo website

The outline of this phone - or the front design at least - is that same as that appearing on the inside of this alleged OnePlus 6T box. That sort of answers the question about the OnePlus 6T that's been in the air - what would OnePlus actually change?


The rest of the box is interesting too; there's the inference of an in-display fingerprint scanner and the suggestion that you'll "unlock the speed", but it's the text on the inside of this box that is interesting.

Around the edges there are lots of usernames which look like OnePlus community members. We've searched out some of the recognisable names for connections with OnePlus online and had a few hits, suggesting that there's something genuine about this leak.

The OnePlus 6T branding is clear on the outside of the box. There have been rumours of a November announcement, but it looks like we're in for a full run of OnePlus leaks.

Writing by Chris Hall.