(Pocket-lint) - Another day and another batch of OnePlus 6 hands-on images have hit the web, leaving us not needing to know anymore about the phone when it's officially unveiled on 16 May in London

The images have been posted to Baidu and look as though they could have come from a briefing for the phone. In a couple of the images, the OnePlus 6 is compared side-by-side with its 5T predecessor - where it looks to share a very similar size body - and the Apple iPhone X. The notch design that OnePlus has confirmed will make an appearance can be seen clearly, although they don't show the back panel, which we're expecting to be made from glass.


One of the images also reveals the OnePlus 6 retains a 3.5mm auxiliary port and has USB-C for charging, while another reveals some of the contents of the box, including a USB-C charging cable. 

However, the validity of these images needs to be brought into question, because the alert slider appears on the left hand side of the OnePlus 6. However in a teaser image posted by OnePlus itself, the SIM tray can be seen on the left side instead, so the images may well be fake. 

They should therefore be taken with a pinch of salt - as with any leak or rumour - but we doubt they will be the last set of images we see before the OnePlus 6 launches in a few weeks. 

Writing by Max Langridge.