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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has yet to reveal when we can expect to see the OnePlus 6 flagship launch, but the company will happily drip feed us information through its official forums.

The latest snippet comes from CEO Pete Lau, who, in a letter discussing the design of the OnePlus smartphones over the years, has confirmed the 6 will get a glass back, the first time the material has been used since the OnePlus X. The majority of other OnePlus devices have either had sandstone or aluminium builds.

It won't be just any glass back though, Lau says OnePlus' design team looked at 70 different glass samples before deciding on the perfect one. The final production build should be one of high quality, as OnePlus has said it will employ a five layer Nanotech Coating, instead of three.

Lau says that even though the separation between each of the five layers is incredibly subtle, the final result provides a great impression of depth that he believes OnePlus owners will love. The upcoming flagship device won't differ too drastically from its predecessors in terms of overall design though, as Lau has confirmed it will retain the company's "signature horizon line and precise curve to the back of the device". 

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Having a glass back will give the OnePlus 6 a completely new look compared to its predecessors, as light reflecting off of it will surely give dramatic results. As for colour options, they haven't been confirmed just yet, but a teaser image posted by OnePlus could indicate the next flagship killer will be a lot more colourful. 

Writing by Max Langridge.