Is the new OnePlus 6 set to be rather expensive? Previous OnePlus handsets have offered near-flagship specs for less-than-flagship cost.

It would be surprising if the new phone does go a lot more expensive, but rumours suggest the phone will sport a high-end design (with a notch, of course) meaning that you'll probably have to pay more to get your hands on it. 

According to a leaked information sheet posted online by Chinese site CNMO, shows the OnePlus 6 may cost $749 when it launches. For the UK, that will probably mean a price of £499 upwards. So we could be looking at £499 for 64GB, £549 for 128GB and £599 for 256GB. 

But $749/£749 is around $200 or so more than the most expensive OnePlus 5T so that is quite a price leap that we might see with the OnePlus 6. 

More prices leaked from True-Tech suggest the base 64GB model will be around 33,999-36,999 INR in India, which represents an increase of 1,000-4,000 INR over the previous generation. 

Now, as well as that higher-end design reports suggest this will be a well-specified handset with 8GB of memory and up to 256GB of storage (a 64GB variant is also expected).

OnePlus has still yet to reveal the exact launch date for its next flagship killer, but has confirmed it will launch in Q2 2018, which puts the new OnePlus release somewhere between April and June.

OnePlus is also ramping up the teasers it is putting out via its social media accounts - check out all the latest ones we've spotted here: OnePlus 6 specs, release date, news and rumours