We're just under a week away from seeing the OnePlus 5T in the flesh for the first time, as the company plans to unveil it at an event in Brooklyn, New York on 16 November. You will be able to watch the unveiling live, details of which can be found here, and then buy the OnePlus 5T from 21 November in stores.

But just how many pennies are you going to have to save to be able to buy one? According to TechRadar, it will start at the same £449 price point as the OnePlus 5 it replaces. TechRadar claims to have seen confidential documents that shows the price of the phone when bought through a business account on O2. While it's therefore not 100 per cent confirmed that the price will be the same for regular consumers, we can make a fairly safe assumption.

The prices will therefore be £449 for the 64GB version and £499 for the 128GB. It represents the first time OnePlus hasn't increased the price of its smartphone when releasing a new model.

Not only will it be the first time the company hasn't increased the price, but the OnePlus 5T will also represent the first 18:9 display on a OnePlus phone. We expect the 5T to feature a 6-inch full HD AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 6 or 8GB of RAM depending on storage configuration and a similar dual-lens rear camera to the OnePlus 5.

However the capabilities of the camera software may have been improved, with Pete Lau and Carl Pei both tweeting sample images believed to have been taken using the 5T.

The price was the last piece of the OnePlus 5T puzzle that needed filling before the official launch, now we just need to wait until next Tuesday for all the official information.