OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has officially confirmed what the next OnePlus 5T will be called and whether it has a headphone jack.

OnePlus has tweeted a link to a forum post, titled "The OnePlus 5T - Let's talk about the headphone jack." In it, Lau confirmed the phone's name and a presence of a headphone jack: "Nearly 80 per cent of our users use in-jack headphones," he said, "is it worth the trade off? And our assessment was no, this design decision was not worth taking away our users' freedom to use their favorite earphones".

Mind you, yesterday, OnePlus posted another tweet that suggested quite an important snippet of information. The tweet asked what all the OnePlus phones have in common, alongside an image that showed both the top and bottom of all the previous devices. The common feature? A headphone jack. The tweet was also accompanied by a music note emoji, confirming the question related to audio capabilities.

OnePlus founder and CEO Carl Pei further quoted the tweet and posted it to his account, with a cryptic joker card emoji. Our initial reaction to Pei's tweet was that the joker is the card in the pack that stands out, which we took as meaning the OnePlus phones will stand out against competition because it will retain the headphone jack. Of course, we now know it officially will have a headphone jack.

Also, hours after the first teaser on Wednesday, OnePlus tweeted another image that showed five cups with tea bags in them, which suggested the next OnePlus will have a "T" in its name. OnePlus tends to use the "T" to differentiate the new upgrades to its existing flagships. The Shenzhen-based company unveiled the OnePlus 3T last year, for instance, as the new version of the OnePlus 3.

Anyway, after all this teasing, and now, a confirmation, Carl Pei once again quoted OnePlus' tweet (the one from Thursday that revealed the OnePlus 5T's name and headphone jack). He added to it: "Disagreeing on what it means to be courageous." Pei did that because Lau, in the post detailing the rationale behind the company's decisions, said, "Sometimes, industry trends go against our core beliefs."

"This is one of those times when we respectfully disagree on what it means to be courageous," Lau added.