OnePlus' founder and CEO Carl Pei is back at it again, teasing images that are more than likely taken on the OnePlus 5T ahead of the official launch on 16 November.

The last image we saw from him was a low-light shot that produced stunning detail and now we've been given a fantastic preview of the phone's portrait mode.

The image Pei has posted on his Twitter account shows a model wearing a red top, with a black leather jacket, both of which are reproduced with great accuracy. What's more impressive is just how clear and detailed the subject is, while the background is blurred perfectly to provide a stunning bokeh effect.

We'll have to wait for a full review of the OnePlus 5T to discover just how good the portrait mode is in a variety of situations, as we've had mixed results from other competing devices. The Google Pixel 2 for example, which only uses a single lens for portrait effects, can produce good and bad photos. It's not alone though, as we've yet to come across a phone that produces perfect results every time.

This image taken on the OnePlus 5T though is certainly a great advert for its expected dual 20-megapixel lenses - a bump up from the 16-megapixel lenses on the OnePlus 5 - although full details have yet to be confirmed.