Just a day after an official-looking teaser image of the OnePlus 5T leaked online, what appear to be the official specs have been posted on the Chinese AnTuTu benchmark and picked up by GizChina.it. Not only that, but a pre-order page for the phone has popped up on OppoMart, stating delivery for the end of November.

The AnTuTu listing refers to the model name OnePlus A5010, which when you consider the OnePlus 5 was the A5000 and the 3T was A3010, all but confirms this is the OnePlus 5T.

We could already make pretty logical assumptions as to what specs the OnePlus 5T would feature and most of these are confirmed in the AnTuTu listing, including the Snapdragon 835 processor and the top-end configuration 8GB RAM and 128GB storage found in the Midnight Black version of the OnePlus 5. However, OppoMart contradicts the amount of RAM, more on that later.


The listing also confirms the 1920 x 2160 resolution display and with it, the 18:9 aspect ratio we've previously seen in renders, which also infers the fingerprint sensor will be moved to the back of the phone.

Finally, the AnTuTu listing also states the OnePlus 5T will have two 20-megapixel cameras, which will more than likely be found on the back of the phone, although the listing doesn't confirm it, and will come running Android 8.0 Oreo.

With regards to pricing and availability, OppoMart appears to have all the answers. The website is listing both a 64GB and 128GB version of the OnePlus 5T as being able to pre-order now, with delivery expected at the end of November. The 64GB model costs $549 while the 128GB variant demands an extra $100. Both phones have 6GB of RAM, less than the 8GB mentioned on the AnTuTu listing. 

OnePlus hasn't confirmed the existence of the phone itself just yet, so as ever, we'd take this all with a pinch of salt. But now that a benchmark listing and a legitimate-looking pre-order page have appeared, coupled with the fact the OnePlus 5 is being listed as out of stock on the company's official website, we expect confirmation soon.