(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus is developing its next flagship killer, and we now know what it looks like, thanks to a new leak.

Let's back up for a minute. OnePlus launched the OnePlus 5 this past summer, but reports have suggested it is working on yet another phone, called the OnePlus 5T, which you can read all about from here. Anyway, earlier this month, we saw a render of the phone. It looked sort of suspicious and a lot like another phone from Oppo.

So, we've yet to get a good look at the upcoming handset - until now. A new render has been published on Weibo. It looks similar to the other render we've seen, but there are some major differences. The display's corners aren't as rounded, the lock screen looks more like OxygenOS, the alert slider is back, and it's much clearer.

The leak also includes a rear image of the OnePlus 5T, revealing a backside not unlike the OnePlus 5. Remember, last year's OnePlus 3T looked a lot like the OnePlus 3. So, it's not surprising to see the OnePlus 5T designed similarly to the OnePlus 5. But take all this with a pinch of salt, because nothing has been confirmed by OnePlus.

We'll keep you posted.

Writing by Elyse Betters.