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(Pocket-lint) - You can expect the OnePlus 5 to arrive in a couple months, apparently.

According to The Verge, OnePlus has confirmed that its next flagship smartphone - the successor to the OnePlus 3T, which followed the OnePlus 3 - will launch sometime this summer and will be called the OnePlus 5. Keep in mind just two days ago OnePlus' CEO posted a teaser image of cartoon workers putting together a phone, and there have been several leaks about the phone popping up in recent weeks.

It's thought to have a dual-camera setup and high-end specs, but because OnePlus has made a name for itself as a flagship killer, the OnePlus 5 will likely have an affordable price tag. As for the name, the number four is considered unlucky in China, where OnePlus is headquartered, so OnePlus 4 is a no-go. Also, the OnePlus 5 will technically be the fifth phone produced by the company.

Strangely, OnePlus said its employees are fans of NBA player Robert Horry and even have paintings of him hanging in their Shenzhen offices, so his number five jersey also inspired the phone's name.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.