(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has something of a chequered history when it comes to availability of devices. The original OnePlus hype was partly fuelled by low stock and high demand. As a self-imposed new year's resolution, OnePlus wants to change that. 

Taking to the company forum, OnePlus has confirmed that it's now aiming to have the OnePlus 3T available for "immediate delivery" in Europe and the North America. That means you should be able to head to the OnePlus Store and get your phone straight away, rather than needing to pre-order or join a waiting list. 

If you've been waiting to buy one of the best phones of the year, then the time is right: the 64GB OnePlus 3T is available for immediate delivery in both Gunmetal and Soft Gold right now, although the company's commitment is to the Gunmetal finish - presumably because it sells a lot more of that model.

This new proposition doesn't apply to the 128GB model, which is coincidentally out of stock.

This move from OnePlus perhaps signals growing confidence as a smartphone company, reflecting the success that it has enjoyed. The combination of keen specs and great build quality at a price that undercuts most established rivals has brought OnePlus success that many manufacturers are struggling to realise - not to mention a community of fans that continues to grow. 

The OnePlus 3T is also available exclusively on contract through O2 in the UK.

Writing by Chris Hall.