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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has just unveiled a revamped version of the OnePlus 3, dubbed the OnePlus 3T. While many of the design and feature elements are identical, there are some important changes. 

Pretty much all the big changes happen inside the curved aluminium case. Most important among those changes, undoubtedly, are the battery and processor improvements.

Rather than have the 3,000mAh battery and 2.15GHz Snapdragon 820 processor like the OnePlus 3, the OnePlus 3T has a beefier 3,400mAh battery and a new and improved 2.35GHz Snapdragon 821 processor. In real-life use, that should mean the phone lasts longer on a full charge and can tackle larger apps and games without much effort. 

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For reference, this is the same processor that's in both the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, and has been designed to run Google's Daydream VR system more smoothly than the Snapdragon 820 would. Confusingly however, the phone runs a version of OnePlus' Oxygen OS based on Android 6.0 rather than Android Nougat. 

On the back, an updated 16-megapixel sensor built by Sony provides the base of the camera, complete with an f/2.0 aperture lens, 4K video recording and a new-and-improved EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) system. Combined with the optical image stabilisation, this should mean that videos aren't as shaky. 

Like the OnePlus 3, the camera also has a number of software features like RAW image support, Dynamic De-noise and a HQ mode to ensure your photos and videos come out sharp and devoid of any excessive blur and noise. 

Vitally, the improved camera is protected by an improved glass. To ensure virtually nothing can scratch or damage the camera, OnePlus coated it in a sapphire glass.

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One of the best features the 3T brings across from the OnePlus 3 is Dash Charge, the company's fast-charging technology which can top of the phone really quickly without overheating, whether it's sat doing nothing or if it's being used to binge-watch Narcos on Netflix. With just 30 mins plugged in, it's claimed the phone can last a full day. 

While it's not running Android 7.0 Nougat (yet) it does bring the new mobile OS' enhanced doze mode for improving standby battery life. That means it'll consume very little power when in standby whether it's lying flat on a desk or sliding around in a handbag, or in your pocket. 

Like its predecessor, the 3T features a 5.5-inch full HD Optic AMOLED screen coated in Corning Gorilla Glass 4 with slim bezels and a dual-polarising layer to make it easier to see in bright daylight. 

OnePlus 3T will be available to buy with either 64GB or 128GB storage, both of which come with a generous 6GB RAM in soft gold or gunmetal grey, the latter of which OnePlus says is different to the graphite colour currently available on the OnePlus 3. 

In the UK, you'll be able to snag a OnePlus 3T for £399, which puts is around £70 more than the original OnePlus 3. In the US and mainland Europe it'll cost $439 and €439 respectively. 


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Writing by Cam Bunton.