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(Pocket-lint) - As affordable mid-range phones go there are few better than the OnePlus 3. This £329 beauty comes with a flagship specification but without the flagship price.

And now you can buy it in a Soft Gold finish instead of the standard Graphite colour - the latter which most would just call silver and black, really. The newer gold version won't cost you a penny more, either, making the choice very much yours to make.

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Rather than the black front of the Graphite model, the Soft Gold opts for a white finish, with gold highlights around the front fingerprint scanner. It looks very fetching indeed.

Every other edge is encased in that gold colour. Even the OnePlus "1+" logo to the rear is embossed in reflective gold for some added sheen.

Pocket-lintoneplus 3 soft gold in pictures if bling is your thing image 3

However, the plastic antenna bandings top and bottom of the device take on a slightly different gold-meets-beige finish to try and match with the metal shell.

There's no added golden colour to the included USB Type-C cable, though, which is the trademark bright red that OnePlus has led with since its inception.

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So if bling is your thing, then the OnePlus 3 in Soft Gold might be exactly the affordable handset to suit your needs - without breaking the bank.

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Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published on 1 August 2016.