OnePlus is really good at making you want to buy their phones, with the latest example being its OnePlus 3 in "soft gold".

The company has introduced the colour variant for its new OnePlus 3, emphasising in a blog post that it's not your "typical gaudy gold" but rather a more "low-profile take on gold". It threw in plenty more adjectives and phrases, such as "a light, elegant look", "a subtle texture reminiscent of holding fine, silky-soft sand", and "press photos and product renders don’t do it justice".

This phone, it claimed, you’ll have to experience for yourself, and starting 26 July, you can do just that. OnePlus will kick off sales for the new variant in the US at 12 pm EST on It will become available in other regions on 1 August, including the UK, Canada, and Hong Kong. But the company of course warned that supply is limited: "We recommend ordering yours before the first batch of devices runs out."

OnePlus began grabbing headlines in 2014, when it launched its first smartphone, for a couple of reasons: first, the OnePlus One delivered flagship specs for significantly less cash, and second, the Chinese company made the "flagship killer" desirable by introducing an invite system that made the OnePlus One harder to get hold of than other smartphones.

Since the OnePlus One, we have seen three more smartphones from OnePlus: the OnePlus 2, the OnePlus X, and most recently, the OnePlus 3. All three follow the same lead as the OnePlus One by offering decent specs for a decent price. The OnePlus 3, for instance, has a unibody design cut from a single block of aluminium, which is the sort of thing you'd expect from HTC or Apple.

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