The first over-the-air software update for the OnePlus 2 has finally arrived.

OnePlus said it was coming - with a few changes and fixes for bugs spotted in the company's new Android-based OxygenOS, and now it's here. The most important thing it addresses is Stagefright, a security vulnerability that's disrupting more than 950 million Android devices. The software, which is now rolling out India and should land for your new OnePlus 2 soon, specifically includes a patch for Stagefright.

Here's everything else we know about the OxygenOS 2.0.1 update...

This is a full list of changes and bug fixes included in the update, according to OnePlus:

  • Added a patch for the Stagefright security exploit
  • Improves battery performance
  • Improves user interface logic and coherence
  • Fixed an issue with pinch-to-zoom in Google Photos
  • Fixed an issue where Dark Mode would cause instability in certain apps
  • Fixed an issue related to import/export of contacts stored on SIM card
  • Additional support for global carrier APNs
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

OnePlus said this OTA will be rolling out incrementally, starting in India, and it might take some time before the update reaches all OnePlus 2 devices. Once the update arrives, you'll get a notice on your phone to accept and install it. Simples.

Check out OnePlus' post in its forums for more details on OxygenOS 2.0.1.