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(Pocket-lint) - There's a lot of hype about OnePlus. Among smartphone fans, OnePlus is probably the most talked about brand at the moment, which is surprising for a company that's relatively new on the scene.

If you weren't paying attention, then you might not know that OnePlus recently opened up an online store in the UK. It's where you can buy the OnePlus One - and no doubt the OnePlus 2 in the future - but it's also a local outlet for all your OnePlus accessories.

There's one particular star of the OnePlus Store and that's the OnePlus Power Bank. If smartphone manufacturers can't prolong the battery life of their devices, then we're all going to end up carrying an external battery and many already do. 

The appealing thing about the OnePlus Power Bank might be its fuss-free design. There's an Apple-esque industrial simplicity to OnePlus that we really like, but the shape of this battery also appeals. It slips easily into a suit pocket for those smart occasions, like a wedding, giving you the power to keep going all night. 

Or the appeal might be that it has two USB ports so you and a friend can charge yourselves up in the middle of the night. As there's a 10,000mAh battery inside, you can fully charge your device several times over a weekend. 

Perhaps the best bit is the LEDs on the side, letting you check the charge status with a shake, so you'll always know how much you have in the bank? 

Those features aren't the most appealing thing about the OnePlus Power Bank. No, the most appealing thing is that it costs just £13.99. Say what? That's right, it's a steal. If you have devices that need a top-up when you're away from a power supply, the you'd be silly not to get yourself one.

On the technical front it takes 5 and a half hours to charge the Power Bank and we've found it holds that charge well. It weighs 220g and comes with one USB cable. It measures 142.8 x 72.6 x 16.2mm.

It's available online now for £13.99/$14.99/€15.99.

Writing by Chris Hall.