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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus is an interesting company.

Instead of unveiling a new smartphone and announcing all of the device's key features while at a single event, it has slowly doled out the must juicy details over the last several months. It has just confirmed, for instance, that the upcoming OnePlus 2 will boast a fancy fingerprint scanner, and before that, it confirmed we’d see a USB-C port in the second-generation flagship.

The company has even published a blog post to explain how the OnePlus 2's fingerprint scanner will actually be a useful feature and not just something "tacked on to a phone". OnePlus has described the scanner as "refined and lightning quick", emphasising that it'll be able to unlock your device faster than "TouchID". Okay, OnePlus is just bragging now.

Despite all the talk, it seem as though the OnePlus 2's fingerprint scanner will function just like any other existing fingerprint scanner. The company indicated it is meant for unlocking a phone and can store up to five fingerprint profile. It didn't go into any technical specifics of the sensor’s software, though it called the sensor "one of the fastest" on the market.

OnePlus is a smartphone manufacturer based in China. It's known for a viral approach to marketing its smartphones, using an invite-only system to make availability more exclusive. The company's OnePlus 2 is slated to launch 27 July.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.