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(Pocket-lint) - OnePlus has announced that it's ditching the invite-only system for the OnePlus One, so now anyone will be able to buy it. 

The OnePlus One shot to fame with tech fans, because it offered great value for money, with flagship specs at enviable prices. The handset gained some notoriety, but was difficult to get hold of - you couldn't just buy it willy-nilly. 

The OnePlus One is now a year old, so the company has notionally opened up sales in celebration. But now that you can buy it, you won't want to.

There's no denying that a 1-year old phone is outdated, and OnePlus' tease of the OnePlus Two pays penance to that. With the same dab of mastery that saw the OnePlus One become a viral hit, the company is set to do the same with the next-gen phone. 

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The OnePlus Two, surprise surprise, will return to the invite only system, so once again, there will be a degree of exclusivity to this new device. The OnePlus Two is slated for launch in Q3 2015, so do you buy the great (but old) device, or wait for the next?

The OnePlus One is available to buy online and will cost you $299 for the 16GB handset.

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Writing by Chris Hall.