O2 has announced the launch of O2 Recycle, an online service that claims to make it easy for people to recycle old handsets in return for cash.

Run by Redeem, the service can be used by anyone in the UK, regardless of network, and as well as phones will accept MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS devices and other consumer electronics.

People can visit www.o2recycle.co.uk, enter details of their device, get an estimated value, print off a receipt while a pre-paid postage bag is sent to them to put the phone and receipt in and send back.

Once the device has been received and is confirmed to be in good working order, the customer receives a text to say that the money will be transferred to their account.

For every device O2 will donate £1 to the "It's Your Community" charity while the products are sold on to global markets by Redeem.