O2 has admitted that its Natwest-run O2 Money pre-paid Visa cards are suffering some problems with loading cash. Customers attempting to fill up their cards are finding their payment details rejected, even if perfectly valid.

A customer support representative that Pocket-lint contacted confirmed the issue, but offered a workaround for those who are unable to get cash onto their card. Instead of signing in and attempting to load cash, you can pick the "Give Money" option when not signed in.

This can be found under the "Adding Money" on the O2 Money website, and is under the "A friend or relative loading your card" heading. We tested the solution and found it to work perfectly, though it's restricted to £100 for the first load.

If you're able to load cash onto your card, but can't spend it, then you might be running into the fact that the card can't be used for open-ended transactions. O2's FAQ section says:

"There are some restrictions on your O2 Money card. You won't be able to use it in situations when the amount to pay is left open-ended - like in hotels, for car rental or pay-at-pump petrol stations. It also won't work for wire-transfer money orders".

"Other restrictions also apply for all Load & Go and non verified Cash Manager cards (the ones with an £1,800 load limit) to help prevent under 18's from buying over 18 related products and services such as gambling".

If you're having any other issues with your O2 Money card, then let us know in the comments.

UPDATE: O2 has got in touch with us, and is saying that while there might be a few incidents of people having difficulty loading money, there isn't a system-wide problem that they're aware of. They recommend that if you're having issues, you phone the support line - 10202 from an O2 mobile phone.