O2 has run out of the iPhone 3GS, according to reports. Ahead of the operator losing exclusivity of the high-end smartphone, stock issues have meant there are none to be sold.

An O2 spokesperson told the Telegraph: “We continue to see extremely high levels of demand for the iPhone which means it comes in and out of stock very quickly and will be why the website hasn’t had any since Monday".

The O2 website states that both black and white iPhone 3GS are "not currently available" for contract or PAYG customers while the Telegraph suggests the majority of O2 shops across the UK have been without any of the 3GS models for the last 2 weeks.

Some are suggesting that the shortage may be due to Apple diverting stock to Orange ahead of the iPhone sales debut on that network, but back in July, Apple's CFO admitted: “We are currently unable to make enough iPhone 3GS to meet robust demand and we are working to address this".