Shazam has announced that it has done a new deal with a mobile phone operator and teamed up with O2 to offer its music discovery service to O2 customers.

The agreement means that anyone on O2 can use the Shazam service by dialing 2580 on their mobile and holding it up to the music they want to know more about for a few seconds.

The Shazam service will then text the user back with the details about the track, and O2 customers will get a link embedded in that text that will allow them to immediately buy the song.

As far as charges go, each time users call the Shazam music service standard call charges apply (O2 reckons around 12p per call) then each successful identification (or "tag") costs 50p. If the tune can't be recognised, there's no charge.

Shazam has previously launched for platforms - such as the iPhone, Android devices and RIM's BlackBerry smartphones. In 2008 it hit a milestone of identifying over 100 million tracks.