O2 has, on its blog, acknowledged the problems that plenty of you have reported that you were having with the company's "My O2" iPhone application.

Apparently most of the issues stem from the fact that people have multiple O2 accounts, and the company has given some advice on how to get access - apparently you need to use the original account created when you joined O2.

"If you joined O2 through our website, you'll have chosen your own username and password. We'll then have sent you an email with your username and a text with your password as a reminder".

"If you joined us by phoning one of our sales teams it'll be the same as above except our advisor will have created the account and then emailed you the details".

"If you joined O2 when you were in an O2 or Apple store, your username will have been on your contract. We'll then have sent a follow-up username reminder by text, along with your password sent by text once you'd connected. If you joined us in Carphone Warehouse, you'll have received both your username and password by text".

O2 also warns that you can't access the app if you have more than one phone number on the same bill, though it's working to upgrade the application so that it can cope with that functionality.

Let us know if you're still having problems with the app after trying the advice from the company, and we'll see if we can dig any further into what's going on.