In the States Palm has announced the launch of its second handset to run the webOS, the Palm Pixi, which follows the popular Pre.

Due to go on sale in the States before Christmas on the Sprint network, here in the UK we are still waiting for the launch of the Palm Pre on O2.

We asked both O2 and Palm about plans for a UK launch for the Pixi, which judging by how long it's taking for the Pre to hit our shores, is unlikely to be imminent.

An O2 spokesperson suggest the operator would be "interested" in the new candybar device:

"We have an exclusive agreement with Palm to sell the Palm Pre across Europe. As our strategy is to have a broad range of products for our customers we would certainly be interested in ranging handsets such as the Palm Pixi but have nothing to announce at this time".

Meanwhile Palm has confirmed it has plans to launch the handset outside the US, with a spokesperson providing the following:

"Palm is not giving any details at this time about Palm Pixi availability in Europe and Canada; however, Palm does plan to bring Palm Pixi to both regions as soon as it can and will announce more when appropriate".