O2 has announced what it's calling the "world's first" interactive 3D cinema game, which will roll out across 20 Vue cinemas in the UK this summer. It's called "Asteroid Storm".

Going live on 10 July, it'll require different sides of the cinema to put their hands in the air to steer a spaceship through an asteroid field, while space-rocks fly at them in 3D.

There'll be matching asteroid shenanigans in the foyer, where a "Wac-a-roid" floor will let players stamp out boulders when they appear. Richard Murfitt, O2's Head of Campaigns, told Pocket-lint:

"A family trip to the cinema can often be seen as an adventure in itself. We wanted to take this idea one step further and put families into the heart of the action on the big-screen".

The cinemas taking part in the promotion will include: Leicester Square, Bristol Cribbs Causeway, Edinburgh Waterside, Finchley Road (London), Kirkstall Road (Leeds), West End, AMC Manchester, AMC Birmingham and Truro Plaza.