O2 has announced that the iPhone 3G S has already outsold the iPhone 3G on launch day.

While modest queues for the device have been reported, O2 says: "The iPhone 3G S has got off to an incredible start with news reaching us that by lunchtime we'd sold more iPhone 3G S handsets than we sold iPhone 3G devices on launch day last year".

"Sales are still going strong and we expect to have sold 50% more iPhone 3G S handsets than last year's launch by the close of business today".

As we'd reported earlier, the operator recapped on the stat that footfall to shops this morning was 10 times higher than an average day and the online site saw a 150% increase in traffic.

Those worried they might not be able to nab a 3G S this weekend should note: "More stock is being sent out to stores over the weekend with a further delivery early next week".

In addition, O2 has revealed the snippet that the black iPhone 3G S is outselling the white one by 3:1.