O2 has launched a new initiative called O2 families that hopes to make life easier for busy families always on the go, and we got our hands on the flagship device, the O2 Joggler.

The new device will feature a 7-inch screen, be an Intel Atom powered device, come with 1GB of memory and be manufactured by Open Peak in the US.

At the core of the product is a new service called the O2 Calendar that will allow you to organise your life.

Connected to the Internet via a wired or wireless connection, the service will be able to send O2 customers text alerts to their appointments. There is no in-built SIM and therefore no ongoing costs or monthly subscription.

Elsewhere users will get a selection of games including Sudoku, as well as news, sport and weather reports form Sky News. You'll also be able to access traffic reports via TrafficMaster.

The Joggler will be launching at the end of April for £149 and isn’t dependent on owners having an O2 account, however some features won't be available to non O2 customers. O2 customers on a budget can opt to take the device instead of a handset when it comes to upgrade time.