O2 has announced that it will soon offer a range of three Samsung laptops for customers taking out mobile broadband contracts.

From 27 February, customers can get a Samsung NC10, dubbed the O2 mini-laptop, and two versions of the R510, one that O2 angles as a "performance" laptop and one with multimedia features.

The laptops are offered complete with after sales service and 2 year's warranty.

There are two separate packages on offer from O2 that see the laptops offered "free". The first costs £29.38 and gives users 3GB data allowance and 300 O2 to O2 texts.

The second costs £39.15 per month and offers 10GB data allowance and 300 O2 to O2 texts.

Customers can chose to upgrade to the "multimedia" R510 for a one-off charge of £78.29, while home broadband can also be added to the deals.