O2 has responded to feedback from broadband users and made some changes to its packages.

According to the research by One-Poll, one in ten mobile broadband users feel they have been mis-sold on what they were being offered.

What's bothering us? The main issues were high cost, no return guarantee and lack of network coverage.

Nearly a third of those polled complained that the ongoing cost was higher than expected. One-fifth were also upset that they were unable to use mobile broadband where they wanted it despite being told by providers that there would be coverage.

Another 13% were frustrated that there was no returns guarantee if the service wasn’t right for them and around half wanted inclusive Wi-Fi as standard.

So O2 has opted to offer "simple and honest" advice to customers, it's created a Network coverage checker and is also offering a 50-day "Happiness Guarantee".

But most importantly, it's bringing down prices.

For heavy Mobile Broadband users, O2 is introducing a new 10GB package for £30 per month on a 2-year tariff and with this, you get unlimited Wi-Fi through any of the 6100 hotspots through O2's partnership with The Cloud.

O2 is also reducing the price of its core Mobile Broadband tariffs, with 3GB packages costing just £15 per month.

Customers purchasing an 18-month or 24-month contract will also receive a free USB modem (or £99.99 on a rolling monthly contract).

And to save any nasty surprises, O2 has decided that international roaming will not be automatically enabled for all new O2 Mobile Broadband customers.