O2 has sent out an email to the UK press stating that it has seen "unprecedented" demand for the iPhone 3G. The company says "demand for the revolutionary device is already at unprecedented levels, far in excess of the original iPhone".

The press release details the events of the day, from O2's point of view: "This morning customers who had pre-registered their interest in iPhone 3G were given the opportunity to purchase via O2’s online shop, a limited stock of devices which had been set aside".

"The response was so great that the online store completely sold out of iPhone 3Gs within just a few hours. Though O2 had invested several million pounds to increase the order capacity of the site (with order processing capacity increased by over 250 times its normal rate), at times the site still couldn’t process the sheer weight of demand."

O2 says details of when new supplies of iPhone 3Gs will be available via the O2 online shop will be updated regularly via the website.

"We’ve never seen any mobile device create the excitement and demand of the iPhone 3G", said Ronan Dunne, CEO of O2 in the UK.

"We want to ensure that everyone who wants an iPhone 3G can get one so we’ll be working with Apple to continually replenish our supplies throughout the summer."