It seems as if the 3G iPhone might be closer than we think with the news this morning that O2, the operator partner for the device in the UK, has a page on its online shop declaring the 8GB and 16GB iPhone are "no longer available" in the UK.

The 8GB iPhone sold out due to the success of the £100 off promotion, but this is the first time that both versions are unavailable to O2 customers.

On the site O2 does not give a reason for the unavailability of the devices, merely the message: "Please note: 8GB and 16GB iPhone are no longer available".

The Carphone Warehouse's online shop also shows both versions of the phone out of stock, however, the Apple online store shows both models ready to ship in 24 hours.

We have contacted O2's press office for comment on this development and apparently, despite the "no longer available" welcome page, it is just a temporary situation, the statement we received reads as follows:

"The 16GB iPhone was temporarily out of stock on our online store this morning. We are replenishing stock of the 16GB iPhone and customers wishing to purchase through our online store will be able to shortly."