O2 has announced the launch of what they describe as a "unique and innovative" free service for its customers -­ O2 Bluebook.

As long as O2 customers have a compatible handset, the O2 Bluebook online service will back up all phone numbers and automatically save every text and photo message online, so all valuable data is kept safe. Photos taken with O2 phones can also be MMS-ed to the service for free.

As well as providing back-up, O2 Bluebook provides a way of publishing and sharing user's mobile lives online. The texts and pictures that have been automatically saved can be filed, edited or displayed in online albums that can be viewed and shared with friends and relatives.

O2 Bluebook also offers a blogging service, "Blueblog", where customers can document their daily lives using the photos and messages saved directly from their mobile.

Simple set-up and an online tutorial claim to make the new online offerings easy to use, visit 02.co.uk/Bluebook to see about getting started.