O2 has confirmed that the iPhone is the company's fastest selling device it has ever had in the UK, however stopped short of saying actually how many it sold in the first month and half on sale.

The mobile phone operator has cited what it claims is the success of the iPhone as one of the main reasons it has out performed the market posting like for like revenue growth of 9.5% for the year in its latest financial results for the final quarter of 2007.

The company's latest results show for the first time the effect the Apple mobile phone has on the company's books.

According to the mobile phone operator, the UK added 483,000 net customers in the quarter including 276,000 on contract, the highest number ever, helped by sales of the iPhone, the fastest selling device that we have ever had in the UK.

However the company has shed light on to why it was so desperate to get the contract from Apple.

The Average Revenue Per User is 30% higher than an average postpay user, and it has helped O2 UK to gain high value customers in the market – approx. 60% of iPhone customers have migrated from other networks.

Customer satisfaction levels are also claimed to be the highest of any device that O2 UK has sold, with the lowest ever rate of return.