The Apple iPhone, called a game-changer by many in the industry, is minutes, rather than hours, away from going on sale in the UK.

Apple, O2 and Carphone Warehouse stores will open their currently-closed doors 6.02pm to let in eager queuers keen to get their hands on Apple's mobile phone.

Pocket-lint went back down to the Apple Regent Street store this afternoon to see how much the crowd had grown since yesterday.

The handful of Apple faithful and bloggers, some there since 8.30am on Thursday, has now grown to a queue of respectable size, we'd estimate 50 people at least, and the atmosphere is a good one.

As it hit 4 O'clock, one of the crowd shouted "Just 2 more hours!" and everyone whooped, cheered and high-fived - so spirits aren't too dampened by the cold...